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                        2018 DATES:   FEB 3 – 7 & MAR 11 – 16  |  AUG 8 – 12 & SEP 13 – 18

During the show dates, the Retailer/Buyer has over 130 apparel, footwear, accessories, children and gift agencies and retail-related businesses to choose from, located in multiple venues in either permanent or temporary showrooms.

2018 Map Coming Soon

  • 843 East Hastings Street
  • Georgian Court Hotel

773 Beatty Street
(604) 682-5555

  • Hampton Inn & Suites

111 Robson Street
(604) 602-1008

  • GX Building

1868 Glen Drive

  • Granville Island Hotel

1253 Johnston Street
(604) 683-7373

  • FX Building

1951 Glen Drive

  • The Parker Building

1355 Parker Street

  • The Merchandize Mart

1380 Napier Street

  • 580 Industrial Avenue
  • Hotel Blu

177 Robson Street

  • #100 – 1737 West 3rd Avenue
  • #327 – 1080 Mainland Street

How to get from here to there

To help you get from venue to venue during the METRO SHOW, we provide complimentary transportation.
Shuttle Service

In March & September, we provide you with our easy, breezy Shuttle Service that runs to/from our sponsored hotels to the FX Building. The Shuttle Schedule will be available online, at the Registration Desk and at the sponsoring hotels.

Schedule Coming Soon
Taxi Service

Ask the Sales Representative you are working with for a Taxi Voucher to get you to your next appointment location. All locations are listed on each voucher and the driver will take you only to these locations. This service is to be used only for METRO approved businesses, not for any other venue.

Please use this service respectfully.

Important Show Information

Who Should Attend?

To Buy

If you are the owner or retailer for a bricks & mortar or online store and want to purchase merchandise for your business, you simply register online to attend the show.  When you arrive, check in at the FX Registration Desk to allow you access to all other show related areas. You will also be able to register at the show upon arrival at the FX.

To Show

If you are a Wholesale Sales Representative, Importer or Distributor of men’s, women’s, children’s apparel and footwear; sporting goods; gift-ware or have products or a service that retail businesses can utilize, then you can apply to show your products/service during the METRO Show.

What is Sold, When?

Fall buying shows are held every February & March.
Spring buying shows are held every August & September.

How Do I Register?


Registration for retailers is free of charge and can be done online, which is recommended to avoid line-ups.
You can also register in person at the METRO Show Registration Desk, FX Building, 1951 Glen Drive during show days from 8am-4pm.


Sales Agents can register as a METRO/BC Men’s Apparel Club member for $10 a year (show fee not included).

Which METRO Show Should I Attend?

Better & Designer Menswear & Women’sWear is sold in February & August.
Moderate Men’s and Women’s Wear, Jeans & Streetwear is sold in March & September.


METRO host hotels for 2017/18 offer a special rate for all Retailers and Buyers. BOOK EARLY to receive the METRO rate, simply say you are  attending the METRO Show. During our March & September shows the METRO Show Shuttle Service runs to/from our sponsored hotels to the FX Building, 1951 Glen Drive.

The Georgian Court - Metro Sponsor Hotel
773 Beatty Street, Vancouver, BC
(604) 682-5555

The Hampton Inn & Suites - Metro Sponsor Hotel
111 Robson St, Vancouver, BC
(604) 602-1008

The Loden - Metro Sponsor Hotel
1177 Melville Street, Vancouver, BC

The Westin Grand Vancouver - Metro Sponsor Hotel

*Request the METRO corporate rate.
433 Robson St, Vancouver, BC
(604) 602-1999


February 3-7 | March 11-16 | August 8-12 | September 13-18